Off to the Big Thicket

I have been a bad blogger. Life got in the way. I have had the good luck to speak at the Indy Quiet Sports Expo, the Duluth Pack Store travel series and Canoecopia where I had a chance to sit next to Becky Mason who was selling her splendid new freestyle canoeing DVD. But now it is time to put the paddle in the water. I was invited to join a trip to the Big Thicket swamp in SE Texas. I leave tomorrow. It should be great fun and I thought it would give me a leg-up on the paddling season. However, this has been a very mild winter and Minnesota rivers are already running and the lakes are opening three weeks ahead of the average for the last 25 years. But the Thicket, with the chance at spying the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, is a great opportunity. After that, a run down the Ozark’s Buffalo River with the Central Indiana Wilderness Club before returning home. Both my August BWCA Wilderness trip classes are almost full, I might open a third section. But still lots of spaces available in the spring bird ecology programs. Happy Trails out there and I will work to be a better blogger.

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