Props to Frank Clifford

Frank Clifford joined me on an awesome canoe trip in February down the lower canyons of the Rio Grande. He wrote a great article that was just published in the May/June Sierra magazine. Check it out. It’s an accurate synopsis of the journey and I only shook my head once while reading it. After the pin, Frank implied that I entertained the possibility of “rescue”. That thought never entered my mind. I was positive we would get that canoe off the rock and I was positive we would be able to make it seaworthy again. And if I had been wrong I was positive we would be able to readjust our loads and complete our mission in three canoes. But elsewhere in the article, including the wonderful sighting of a panther bounding up a cliff face, Frank was right on and his skilled prose took me right back to the spirit I experienced while plying the enchanted canyons of the Rio Grande. I had the pleasure of sharing a canoe with Frank the entire journey. He is a strong paddler and a stand-up guy. As a journalist for the LA Times and avid adventurer, he has led a full life. I recommend you check out his books.

Frank’s next goal is for an African canoe trip, I am all in. Is there anyone else out there who would like to join us?

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