Big Fork River Trip Paddlers Welcome

June 7-10

Big Fork-Big Falls 85 miles
so far:
Sue Plankis
Dave Burkhart
Rob Kesselring
are in
We have space for 8
anyone is welcomed up to a maximum total group size of 8
I have applied for a DNR grant for this trip, and if approved, it will cover half of our travel/shuttle/food costs. This a a total non-profit venture to help collect some birding data and to explore a river that will likely be new to all of us. Even if we don’t get the grant, expenses will be modest, mostly just the drive up there. This is not exactly a Hawaiian vacation.
On the recommendation of Tim Eaton, we are working with River North Outfitters for shuttle and, if needed, bunkhouse and canoe rental.
Sue is experienced in Citizen Science through the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas and will help the group gather data along the way down the river. A careful analysis of the river indicates there are 11 Priority Breeding Blocks which the Big Fork travels through where priority data may be collected. This data will be reported to the Atlas. Campfire discussions will involve all members of the group and focus on the natural and human history of the Big Fork. Connecting theory with the day’s hands on experiences.
E-mail me if you want to join this trip.
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