2014 Wilderness Trips! Open Now!

Okay, there is a rim of ice on my lake this morning. The canoes are safely stashed in the garage, I flossed my sandals last night and hope to varnish paddle blade tips this weekend, (unless we get a last gasp of warm air and then one more river run). Greg Seitz kindly fixed my blog.

BUT 2014 is coming and I  am offering a great line-up of trips. My USFS 2014 guide license renewal application is in, and my National Park Commercial Use Permit has been approved for 2014. Who knows how much longer I am going to do this? If you have always wanted to go on a wilderness trip with me, there is no better time. I can guarantee that if I lead trips in 2015 my fares will go up. To secure this year’s permits I needed to take an 80-hour Emergency Wilderness First Responder class and buy a 2-way satellite transmitter. It was too late to pass some of these expenses on to my clients but the prices will go up in 2015.

But forget the money. These are my problems. This is your opportunity. Get out there. Either with me or on your own. Wild Nature: for it to be part of you, you need to know it and you need to live it. Here’s your chance, no excuses.

My Arctic trip last year? The Rio Grande? The Buffalo and Eleven Point Rivers in the Ozarks? Five Boundary Waters trips? The Susie Islands? these were all life changing trips….incredible, astonishing, amazing and 2014 is going to be even better.

Uncommon Seminars LLC led by Rob Kesselring

Expedition Docket 2014


Lower Canyons Rio Grande River (2 trips)

(7 nights 8 days)

One of the wildest rivers in North America, you want raw adventure and warm sunny winter days? This is it. 

February 15-22

February 26-March 5


Green River, Utah

Canyon country

May 5-May 12 (7 nights 8 days)

This a exploratory trip (first time for me)

Who knows what we will discover?

non-commercial trip, shared expenses


Bird Ecology of the Northern Forest (2 trips)

with Rob and Sue Plankis

We called a Barred Owl into camp last year, Black-backed woodpeckers, Boreal owls, nesting loons and more!

Sue is an amazing naturalist, canoe camper and free-style paddler.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

May 23-26 (3 nights 3 days)

May 28-31 (3 nights 3 days)


Crossfit BWCA Challenge

Can you do it? Yes, you can

75 miles 75 hours

June  5- June 8 (3 nights 4 days)


Boundary Waters Nature Photography

with Rob and Darlene Patterson

improve your skills with  Darlene, a distinguished artist and skilled teacher 

June 14 – June 18 (4 nights 5 days)


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Return to a Place of Fire

This one is just plain fun

June 23-27 (4 nights 5 days)


Noatak River, arctic Alaska

in 2013 it was the grand slam: grizzlies, wolverine, caribou, lynx, dall sheep, musk ox, wolf, moose, Plus:  fox, porcupine, cranes, plovers, falcons, eagles… and archaeology and… a 400 mile wild river

July 15-31 (16 nights 17 days)

non-commercial trip, shared expenses


Hunters Island, Quetico Ontario

August 11-20 (9 nights 10 days)

A delightful Quetico Canoe Trip that feels like an Expedition

non-commercial trip, shared expenses


Bushcraft and Paddling Skills (short and long options)

Boundary Waters

2012 non stop snow and wind, 2013 cold rain thick clouds, 2014 WE ARE DUE

with the living legend, Dan Cooke

with Rob and Dan Cooke

October 4-6

October 7-9

October 4-9

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