Good times at Expo 2015

Had a good weekend mostly connecting with old friends and meeting new ones. Met up with Jack and Mike, two new recruits on the Noatak crew and they seem solid. We shall see if they get jelly legged when the bear comes! Naw, no bear problems this year and no rain. It was sunny for the Expo so I expect some sun this summer in Alaska. One of the best parts of the weekend was being part of a panel with Bob O’Hara, Cliff Jacobson, Kevin Callan and Peter Marshall (not in picture he was roaming the crowd with a microphone). These are all great canoeists and it was an honor to be up there with them.  Despite Bob’s flag being upside down it was not a harbinger of distress. I think the program went well and I hope the crowd learned a few things and had some fun. I had the privilege to hold the NWT flag, I love that place. Also had a good Saturday evening pub visit with, among others,  Dan Cooke one of the kindest men I have ever known. I wish him well on the Kazan this summer. He not only a great canoeist but a expert and creative camper, I am sure those that attended his tarp setting-up workshop will agree. If you are in the market for new gear you cannot do better than Cooke Custom Sewing.

I always learn new stuff at these Expos. More on that later. Now back to the “Merlyn Project” -Rob out

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