Arctic Canoe Trips

July 2019


Arctic Canoe Trips 2019Where:    Noatak River, Arctic Alaska


  • July 2019, please come back for details
  • 20 days and 19 nights


  • fees to be determined depending on 2019 bush plane charter rates

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Noatak River, arctic Alaska  If you interested in an expedition of a lifetime, join me on the Noatak River in arctic Alaska. On a private journey down the Noatak in 2013, we saw the great eight of northern wildlife – caribou, musk ox, arctic wolves, moose, dall sheep, lynx, wolverine, and ten grizzly bears. In 2014 Alaska had record rainfall and the Noatak was at flood stage for most of our journey but we still saw grizzlies, muskoxen, and moose and every member of the crew had an adventure they will never forget.  Last year water levels, weather and wildlife were all cooperative and even the bugs had disappeared. We saw fifteen grizzlies, herds of muskoxen, wolves, sheep, moose and fox. The salmon run was incredible. But it’s always a wild ride from the headwaters beneath hanging glaciers of the Brooks Range to the Arctic Ocean, 400 miles without a portage or a difficult set of rapids.

In 2019, I am going back one more time! And this time for a few days longer. That was the only complaint last year- “Too much to see in too little time.” (Ok, and the food ration was a wee bit lean, but that is true on all my trips, if you need culinary experiences, visit Manhattan, but if you want wilderness adventure sign up for the crew and the food, canoeing legend, Cliff Jacobson calls my bannock, “the best in the world.”

20 days 19 nights. The Noatak River begins above the Arctic Circle. We will paddle 400 miles from the headwaters in Gates of the Arctic National Park (high mountains of the Brooks Range) to the tundra cloaked broad valley of the Noatak. Across the arctic plains and descend two canyons. Back through more mountains and smack into the Chum Salmon run. Expect to see muskox, grizzly bears, dall sheep, moose, arctic wolves, and who knows what else? Fish for salmon, grayling, char, and trout. There are no portages and lots of fun rapids but none rated above class II (advanced beginner). One of the most remote and spectacular canoe trips in the world.

Or you can choose to run just the upper or lower sections of the river.   Upper Noatak Only Expedition: 9 days, 8 nights Saturday.   Lower Noatak Only Expedition: 12 days, 11 nights Sunday.

Caution: These are not luxury trips. These are authentic expeditions. There are no passengers, only crew. There will be some time for hiking, fishing and relaxing but we cover twice the daily distance of a “touristy trip” and although we will have top quality gear there is no room for luxury items. Our focus is discovery and adventure. Bottom line, Terms like “pristine” and “trip of a lifetime” have become cliche, but this is the real deal.

I think this will be my last journey down the Noatak, so join me.

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