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Daughter Father Canoe

Coming of age in the sub-arctic and other stories of Snowdrift River and Nonacho Lake 

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Here’s the buzz on “Daughter, Father, Canoe”

Rob Kesselring deftly mingles the story of his daughter’s “coming of age” canoe trip in the Northwest Territories with his own life experiences in the region. The result is a story that have you alternately rolling with laughter, clinging to the edge of your seat, and seeking out your own children to hold in your arms. Rob’s down-to-earth writing style lends itself perfectly to this joyful narrative. By the end of the book you will feel like you’ve shared in their incredible bonding experience. Enjoy!”

“My father-in-law stole my copy of this book… he claims it is the best outdoor writing he has read in years.”
-Royal Jaros

“Everybody who went on a long wilderness trip knows this phenomenon. To experience nature gives you a deep insight into your own soul and you open up and are able to connect. Once you get back, you realize that it was more than seeing great scenery and crystal clear water. I highly recommend reading this book. It won’t take long and you might find yourself intentionally slowing you down, just to make it last longer. Besides “A Death in the Barrens” by George Grinell, “Daughter Father Canoe” is my favorite book of the last years. I read it twice.”
-Jan Dettmer, The Open Canoe Group

“Author Rob Kesselring does such a superb writing job that I laughed out loud one minute and wiped a tear of sorrow the next while reading his highly personal account of time spent on Canada’s Northwest Territories”
–Toby Berry, Canoe and Kayak magazine

“It’s a wonderful book!”
Cliff Jacobson, author of over a dozen best selling books on canoeing and camping



River Stories

Real Adventures in the North American Wilderness

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Here’s the buzz on “River Stories”

“I really enjoyed it. It is such a relief to read a heartfelt bunch of stories with real opinions based on real information”
–Garrett Conover, co-author of best seller “A SnowWalkers Companion”

“We are lucky to have a book like “River Stories” to inspire us to go where only the canoe trails lead. I love Rob’s brutal honesty, sense of humor and appreciation for  the journey not the destination, you won’t put this book down until you hit the backcover.”
– Stu Osthoff, writer, wilderness guide and Boundary Waters Journal publisher

“This guy can write.”   -Larry Rice, outdoor author and adventurer

“I always envy Rob’s great skill with words. I also like his focus on the little things and the accurate details; it makes his stories come alive”
-Bob O’Hara, legendary arctic canoeist, “Wall of Fame” explorer

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Three ways to order Rob’s books (paperbound editions):

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Whichever way you choose, if you would like my dad to sign these books or inscribe a personalized message I am happy to make that happen.  Just ask.

Books are $15 each plus $3 shipping. Free shipping on book orders of two or more books.

Both books are a little over 200 pages in length and include photos. Everyone seems to really enjoy these books. Many paddlers have chosen to read DFC outloud to their daughters on canoe trips. This has worked really well for them, but the books were not written for a youthful audience and there are two very  short risqué passages you might want to skip.

“I believe preservation of Earth’s remaining wilderness hinges on knowledge and experience. You’ve got to know it and you’ve got to live it” –Rob Kesselring

It is Rob’s hope that these books help readers learn more about some amazing places and are inspired to make trips of their own.  Thanks for considering them.



“What If?” Story 13 from River Stories

A 4600 word cautionary article. A version of this piece was first published in the spring 2004 Boundary Waters Journal. It is also Story 13 in River Stories. It is must reading for beginning wilderness canoeists and a good refresher for everyone. Although I often write about risk and courage that never means being reckless or not following sound safety protocols. For that reason and for people considering buying my books but would like to browse a chapter this download is free


Click Here To Download

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