changing our roles as wilderness advocates

Interesting article on front page of Pioneer Press today, Sunday 1/8/12, from the Washington Post, “If we can fix the world, should we?”

It addresses the emerging need to “manage” ecosystems in the post-wild world. As inept as humans have been in the past in attempts to positively manipulate the natural world, I think we need to try again. Aggressive fire suppression in the caribou range of the sub-arctic being one example, clearing blowdowns and careful reseeding efforts after BWCA fires being another.

Change is happening too fast for slow poke Mother Nature to react quickly enough to positively adapt. A sliver of proof is we have already, this January, recorded the highest night time low in Minneapolis since those warm “greenhouse” years following the Krakatoa eruption in 1883. In the past few years states are recording new record low barometric pressures at an alarming rate. So the near future … Continue reading

The Website

Just about ready to go public in a major way with the Website. Those of you that have followed me over the years and have noticed that my old site has been down for six months, thank you for your patience. Putting this website and blog together reminds me of my Thekehili canoe trip many years ago in the Canadian sub-arctic. It was a route and a river that even the most accomplished of arctic canoeists had never even heard of. My mother has just died so I had not really focused on the planning. The maps were so bad they showed river connections that were not there and one whole day we were lost in a huge swamp that was not even depicted on the map. Late in the trip wild fires raged around us putting our lives in peril and totally disorienting us in the smoky gloom. … Continue reading

Website Taking Shape

Happy to announce that by midnight tonight most of my new website will be up and running. I especially want to draw your attention to the “guided canoe trip” section. These are going to be some terrific trips. I hope people don’t think they are too expensive. Actually they are running about 50% below market, but I know many of the people that follow my adventures are not accustomed to guided trips and these fees may seem a trifle dear. Let me tell you, by the time I go through all the hoops and pay all the fees, unsnarl all the red tape, pay liability insurance and marketing costs; these trips will be a real bargain and will likely be non-profit! But the good news? I get to … Continue reading

Rob Kesselring’s New Website and Blog

clark-thelon-18-moskitoes_27This is my new blog and website. As of today, December 15, you can see that most of it is under construction. Terry Rasmussen is helping me with the design of the website and how to make changes and posts. I am technology impaired but Terry knows his stuff and I hope soon to have a functional site that is ready to roll. The purpose of the site will be to informally share information about my professional company, Uncommon Seminars LLC, including seminar information, canoe trips, articles and also interactive feedback from participants. I also wanted a platform to share canoeing and bushcraft knowledge, pictures and videos. I am also going to have a store where readers can purchase my books and download articles. It is a learning journey for me so … Continue reading