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Just about ready to go public in a major way with the Website. Those of you that have followed me over the years and have noticed that my old site has been down for six months, thank you for your patience. Putting this website and blog together reminds me of my Thekehili canoe trip many years ago in the Canadian sub-arctic. It was a route and a river that even the most accomplished of arctic canoeists had never even heard of. My mother has just died so I had not really focused on the planning. The maps were so bad they showed river connections that were not there and one whole day we were lost in a huge swamp that was not even depicted on the map. Late in the trip wild fires raged around us putting our lives in peril and totally disorienting us in the smoky gloom. After a couple weeks of that and when I devised an easy downstream route back to Nonacho Lake where we started, I jumped on it and turned our proposed epic journey into a loop. I always have regretted that decision, feeling as if I quit the mission, which I did. But last night my niece, Karen Kelley, and companion on the Thek (and absolute crackerjack expedition canoeist) casually said, “If we had not turned that trip around, we would have never made it.” So there you go. But why does the Thekehili expedition remind me of this website?  I don’t know, but I am not going to quit on it. That is unless Terry, my web expert, abandons me. One thing different about building a website from a canoe trip gone bad is: if things get really ugly you can just turn off the computer and go to a nice warm bed and then try again in the morning. On a canoe trip you bleed out.

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