Rio Grande at Midwest Expo Aftermath

I want to thank those of you that attended my Rio Grande presentation at the Expo yesterday. I thought it went okay.  I felt a little sheepish, like a huckster selling “my trips”. I just hope I conveyed the magic of the Rio Grande. A trip there is really a leap back in time. I cannot wait to return. The health of that river keeps changing. Its future is uncertain. Whether or not you decide to go with me, put in on your “to do” list and don’t let any cactus grow under your feet before you make the leap. For those of you that were introduced to my blog at the Expo, I want to give a few more details and flesh out a bit more of my philosophy about “guided” trips. A trip with me is not a typical “guided trip”. I expect during many twists and turns … Continue reading

Rio Grande at Midwest Expo

DSC_0287I will be presenting this Saturday at the Midwest Adventure Expo on the West Bank (lower Cedar in Minneapolis). The Rio Grande By Canoe 11:45 Saturday U of M Hanson Hall, room 103. Hope to see you there or at the CCS booth the rest of the day, Saturday. A bunch of paddlers are getting together Saturday night for Contra Dancing at Tapestry Folkdance Center 3748 Minnehaha Ave S Minneapolis, MN  55406 Time: 7:30 – 11:00 pm  7:30 – 8:00 Dance Basics Lesson  8:00 -11:00 Live Music Cost: $10 general admission. Readers of my blog are invited too!

I sold all my canvas packs. People really still go for the traditional styles. I am happy to think they will be out on the trail again, and for many … Continue reading

Portage Pack Sale

As I took stock of my gear at the end of the paddling season, I made a collective “whoa”. I am kind of schizo when it comes to gear. I profess “less is more” and yet my office is bulging with canoe stuff. My camp craft style has evolved too, and I find myself always reaching for my Cooke Custom Sewing portage packs and relegating my canvas packs as “back-up”. I like the warmth and looks of canvas and leather and the simplicity of shoulder straps and a tumpline but on the trail I have been spoiled by the functionality and lightweight of CCS and their 21st century suspension system. Canvas packs are best carried by tumplines.Truth is, as much as I like the idea of a tumpline in theory, in practice I use the shoulder straps and I like a waist belt.

A little aside, 30 years ago my … Continue reading

2014 Wilderness Trips! Open Now!

Okay, there is a rim of ice on my lake this morning. The canoes are safely stashed in the garage, I flossed my sandals last night and hope to varnish paddle blade tips this weekend, (unless we get a last gasp of warm air and then one more river run). Greg Seitz kindly fixed my blog.

BUT 2014 is coming and I  am offering a great line-up of trips. My USFS 2014 guide license renewal application is in, and my National Park Commercial Use Permit has been approved for 2014. Who knows how much longer I am going to do this? If you have always wanted to go on a wilderness trip with me, there is no better time. I can guarantee that if I lead trips in 2015 my fares will go up. To secure this year’s permits I needed to take an 80-hour Emergency Wilderness First Responder class … Continue reading