Certified Wilderness First Responder and Request for Help

I passed the Wilderness Medicine Institutes’s 10-day, 80-hour, Wilderness First Responder Course. I am now a certified WFR (pronounced whiff’er). I confess that  I ostensibly took this class to meet the requirements for a Commercial Use Authorization to guide paddlers on the National Park Service controlled, Rio Grande River’s Lower Canyons. But, I am so happy to have taken the course for many other reasons. The truism, it’s not what you know that is important; it’s not what you don’t know that is important; what is truly important is, discovering what you don’t know you don’t know. I discovered on this course so many useful responses to injury and illness that I am sheepish that I didn’t take this class a decade ago. In any case, I feel ready and I almost hope someone gets sick or hurt on my upcoming trips so I can practice what I learned.

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