An Invitation

My daughter Amanda married last November and is eager to start a family of her own. She has babies on her mind and asked me if I had any photos of her when she was a baby. I do. But in those days, thirty years ago, I shot only 35 mm slides. In one of my efforts to compact my stuff I had dumped thousand of slides from Kodak carousels into shoeboxes. So my task was to sort through these shoe boxes, full of slides, looking for baby Mandy.

There was an unintentional consequence. My squinting eyes found those baby pictures, and they brought tears to my eyes. I also rediscovered exquisite photographs from my past: a year in the wild bush of arctic Canada, climbs of Colorado Fourteeners, New Zealand’s Milford Track, the Australian Outback, river trips on the Thai-Malay border, water skiing in the Adirondacks, flying my Piper … Continue reading