Fees Set For 2016 Noatak Expedition

BlogPost110115-4Fees have been set, and plans are being finalized for the 2016 Arctic Expedition down the Noatak River in northwestern Alaska.

This will be my fourth trip down the Noatak, and believe me it is one spectacular river.

I am looking for a crew with the right stuff. Eight people seeking unparalleled adventure in one of the few remaining truly wild and pristine places in the world. And a wilderness where we will encounter grizzly bears, weather and unknown challenges, but none of the creepy terrorist or gangsta threats that are becoming more and more common even at farthest reaches of the globe.

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Tentative Dates Set for 2016 Noatak River Expedition

Yukon_Alaska_35_lowIt is official. I will be returning to the Noatak River in arctic Alaska to lead one more trip, 400 miles from the headwaters to the Inupiat village of Noatak. Contact me by e-mail if you would like to join the crew on this astonishing journey.

Noatak Expedition 2016 Dates

Full Expedition: 20 days, 19 nights
Saturday, July 16 – Thursday, August 4
(Crew must arrive in Fairbanks by 3pm July 15… Crew should make reservations out of Kotzebue no earlier than 6pm on Thursday, August 4).

BlogPost110115-6Upper Noatak Only Expedition: 9 days, 8 nights
Saturday, July 16 – Sunday, July 24.
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