Incredible Greenland

Returned from Australia yesterday 11 hour flight from Perth to Qatar, 16 hours from Qatar to Miami, 4 hours from Miami to Minneapolis 31 hours in the air in a span of 38 hours. After all those hours I was expecting and looking forward to landing on the moon, and I felt as if I had been living in a can of SPAM.  I did get a nice view of northern Greenland, but I need to get out a piece of string and the globe. How is Greenland on the way to Minnesota from Australia? Lesson learned, when you buy a cheap air ticket, look at the fine print. Anyway I am back. Led a leadership workshop today, the day after I returned sleepless, and jet lagged and 100 degrees colder. The workshop went great. Canoe guides are like forged carbon steel we never lose our edge.

I still have a few spots open on all my expeditions. Maybe I am still cranky from the jet travel, but are you kidding me? These are truly trips of a lifetime, what are you waiting for?  Click the following for expedition information:  Arctic Canoe Trips, Boundary Waters Canoe Trips, and Southwest Canoe Trips.
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