Back from Expedition #2 down the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande

BackFromExpedition2-CanoeDid not see the wildlife we viewed on the first voyage, but the full moon lit up canyon walls in an ethereal way, superb. And, we had a lightening storm with thunder echoing through the canyon. And, we made it to the top of El Burro, a 1500 foot vertical ascent of the canyon wall on an old gold mine burro trail. And, we had another great crew that powered their way down the canyon with measured grace. They ate a lot. Finished the expedition with only a half dozen tea bags and a tablespoon of oatmeal left in the tucker barrel. Looking forward to Group #3 with one thought in my mind….ADVENTURE.

In between, Terlingua Texas is always fun…dusty cowboys, wild cowgirls and searing heat.

But I have not … Continue reading

That Dog Sammy

Back in Terlingua in front of a fire of Mesquite, I was just looking for an empty chair in the circle. I am beat up from a week on the Rio Grande, dusty, over a layer of grime. A bearded old cowboy is sitting in a rickety tin chair and next to him his sidekick, a half-pint Yorkie mixed-blood dog, curled up in another tin chair. An old strip of bridle leather connects cowboy to Yorkie. Tied around the dog’s neck is is a penlight glowing luminescent green and highlighting the overbite of the Yorkie.

“Do you think you could move your dog so I could have a seat?”

“My dog? You mean Sammy, my blind, mute, dumb old Yorkie? Let me tell you about him. Five times in the jaws of coyotes, a couple of those coyotes I shot through their heads right over the top of him, once … Continue reading

Getting on the River Feb 8

Starting February 8 I will be leading four consecutive expeditions down the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande on the Texas/Mexico border. During my time on the river I will be off the grid and unable to send or receive text messages or phone calls. In between trips, about every eight days or so, I will be back in Terlingua, TX prepping for the next journey and able to check my messages and respond. Please forgive any delays in correspondance. You can track my progress on

Weather looks perfect for the first run, water is a little bit low but canoeable for sure. Looks like I have another great crew including two vets of past trips with me. Excited to get on the river! Happy Trails Rob