Just finished Canoecopia. It was great to see so many dear friends including crews from the Arctic, Boundary Waters, and the Rio Grande. Nothing seems to bond people like a canoe expedition. It’s more than the adventure; maybe it’s the vulnerability or the shared toil. I cannot explain it, but I am blessed with so many wonderful friends and I loved seeing them even if I was strung-out from the 1500 mile drive in two days from the Rio Grande.

Several people asked me hopefully if I would be guiding Zambezi River trips next year. I have been mum on the blog about my Zambezi experience and for good reasons. Is the Zambezi incredible? Absolutely. A huge flow, drops like I have never before experienced, crocs slithering into the river like a Tarzan movie, African river guides that I quickly grew to love. But, I think it’s one and done … Continue reading