Upcoming Paddlesport Events

I was remiss in not promulgating Canoecopia in Madison last March, and Midwest Mountaineering’s Adventure Expo, last April. I presented my “Tips from a Thousand Trips” and “Planning A Far North Canoe Trip” at both those shows. Many of my blog readers and past crew on my expeditions came down front and said hello. It’s always good to connect and reconnect, and the shows are fun, but if I have my druthers, I would rather be in the stern of a canoe than behind a podium. That said, I will be presenting at two upcoming shows and these shows are a little different in both size and location than the big city expos. Both are in the heart of canoe country and combine some possible paddling time with presentations. Being smaller creates easier space and extra time for more focused dialog and storytelling: The Great American Canoe Festival June 10-11 … Continue reading

Rob at 65

Last year, I remember commenting that on my sixty-fourth birthday I had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Another year has passed and I am still standing and still feeling strong.  Amazing, especially considering that bull elephant in Tanzania.

On my birthday I would like to wish all my friends and family, new and old, fine health and good cheer. Those that follow my blog at robkesselring.com thanks for your support. Those that were crew on my expeditions this year, thanks for being partners on our journeys together. Student leaders that opened their hearts in our circles together, bless you and bless the benevolent teachers who believe in you.

Sixty-five is a watershed year I guess, and although I will be grateful for the discount at Dennys, I have no plans to loosen my grip on the paddle, pen or podium. I still have … Continue reading