Updated List of Backers for the “Merlyn Project” Biography

Back from a week co-leading the Boundary Waters Bushcraft and Paddling experience in the Boundary Waters with Dan Cooke. We had a great group and some challenging weather. More on that later, but with only five days left on Kickstarter I want to get an updated list of my backers out. There is still time (ends until Friday) for you to be part of this worthy project. Happy Trails -Rob

List of backers, starting with the most recent:

Julie N Carr

Penni Hess

Will Nagle

Dan Schwartz

Mary Mccordic

Michael B. Roy

Cliff Jacobson

Mike Bartz

Valerie Miller Markham

Gary Cobus

Dan Cooke

Greg Towe

Stu Poirier

Mark Morall

Clark Kent

Beth Flaherty

Darcy Fleming

Anne and Larry Buckmaster

Allan and Diane Reid

John Kuhfahl

Chuck Davidge

Brenda Postels

Sue Plankis

Scott McCready

Kathy Holladay

Mike Smith

Chris Dzombak

Darlene Patterson

Myles Carter

Dick Pula

Mark Deering

Henry T. Wang

T. Rauscher

Karen Cooke

Lara Kesselring

Patrick Hueller

Tom Schwolert

Jan Dettmer

Riajan Musselman

Linda Wallenberg

Sarah Woodcock

Jon Breimhorst

David Lasslett

Diane Temple

Jim Fitzpatrick

Damon Johnson

Chip Sutton

Piiskoor Prof

Marnie Fisher

Bull Moose Patrol


Karen Kelley

Fred Shermock aka Jacque 

Sarah Froese

Trinity Kesselring

Greta Kesselring

Tim Koestler

Nancy Makepeace

Dick Bellman

Paul Grondin

Keith Dohey

Mari Kesselring

Ivan Bourque

Jan Curtice

Eileen Fisher


Tom Koshiol

Mary Jean Blaisdell

Susan Kesselring

Bob O’Hara

Zoë Kesselring

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