Expedition and Bushcraft Presentations

Note from Rob:

I have led over 1100 workshops, retreats and seminars nationwide for schools, colleges, organizations and corporations, frequently using wilderness and canoeing metaphors from which participants glean powerful insights. The focus of this work is usually on: thriving through change, improving business, school and family relationships, and bringing a more authentic culture to the forefront. The wisdom in these experiences comes from the participants, all I do is harvest it. For more information on this professional development training go to our company website at uncommonseminars.com.

The tour stops below however are more recreational and environmental…no metaphors, just wilderness exploration and bushcraft fun.      -Rob



Public Presentations

Gunflint Trail Canoe Expo 2019 (2 programs)

Canoecopia 2019 (3 programs)

Quiet Water Symposium 2019 (2 programs)

Gunflint Trail Canoe Expo 2018 (2 programs)

Gunflint Trail Canoe Expo 2017 (2 programs)

Great American Canoe Festival 2017 (2 programs)

Midwest Mountaineering 2017 Spring Adventure Expo (3 programs)

Canoecopia 2017 (3 programs)

Midwest Mountaineering 2016 Spring Adventure Expo (2 programs)

Gunflint Trail Canoe Expo 2016 (2 programs)

Midwest Mountaineering 2015 Spring Adventure Expo (2 programs)

Canoecopia 2015 (2 programs)

Midwest Mountaineering 2014 Fall Expo (2 programs)

Hastings Library 2014  “The Rio Grande”

Midwest Mountaineering 2014 Spring Adventure Expo (2 programs)

Canoecopia 2014 (2 programs)

Midwest Mountaineering 2013 Fall Expo

Midwest Mountaineering 2013 Spring Expo

Canoecopia 2013 (2 programs)

Minneapolis Boat and Travel Show 2013

Midwest Mountaineering 2012 Spring Expo

Canoecopia 2012 (3 programs)

The 2012 Indianapolis Sport, Boat and Travel Show Quiet Sports Expo (4 programs)

The 2012 Central Indiana Wilderness Club Reception

The BWCA and Beyond 2011 (MC and speaker)

North House Winters Gathering 2011

Northwest Minnesota Foundation 2011

Far North Symposium 2011

Spring Midwest Adventure Expo 2011

Canoecopia 2011 3 programs

The BWCA and Beyond 2010 (director and speaker)

Fall Midwest Adventure Expo 2010

National Winter Camping Symposium 2010

Boy Scout Regional Jamboree 2010

Midwest Mountaineering Spring Expo 2009

Far North Symposium 2011

Canoecopia 2010 (3 programs)

MCA Near North Symposium 2009

Traditional Winter Camping Symposium (director and speaker)2009

Canoecopia 2009 (2 programs)

Midwest Mountaineering Spring Expo 2009

SE MN Adventure Club Annual Meeting 2009

Near North, Heart of the Continent Symposium, 2008

Ely Winter Camping Rendezvous 2008

Minnesota Canoe Association Keynote 2007

Arizona REI Adventure Expo 2007

Far North Symposium 2007

National Winter Camping Symposium 2007

Iowa Paddlesport Show 2006

National Winter Camping Symposium 2006

Maine Canoe Symposium 2006

National Winter Camping Symposium 2005

Far North Symposium 2005

Twin Cities Explorers Club 1995




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