Birding Minnesota by Canoe

As we drifted down the Cannon River, a Cooper’s Hawk glided over our canoe toward a stump in the middle of a boggy backwater stretch of the river. We paddled the canoe into the quiet water in time to observe a pair of Eastern Kingbirds lift off and start attacking the hawk. The hawk landed on the stump and worked its way to a branch where there was a nest. Continue reading

On the Scent of Boundary Waters Adventures

It’s the smell more than anything, whether you are varnishing paddle blades in preparation for the upcoming canoe season, or spring cleaning and deliberating on whether to put an old Duluth Pack in the garage sale pile, or maybe you just unrolled a set of Fisher maps for a quick reminisce. When you catch a scent, whatever that scent is, it launches you into a daydream of adventure. Continue reading

Navigating in the Boundary Waters by the Seat of your Pants

Wait! Whenever I see an article on navigation, I skip it. Boring, confusing, read it all al-ready. This article is different. This is an article by a Boundary Waters paddler that doesn’t know an azimuth from an orangutan and has no interest in learning or relearning all the terms and procedures usually covered under the heading of navigation. So how am I qualified to teach you about navigation in the Boundary Waters? Continue reading

Pooping and Peeing in the Boundary Waters

I will be speaking at Canoecopia in Madison, Wisconsin, on March 11, 12, and 13, 2022.  After a two-year Canoecopia COVID hiatus, it will be a great event this year. I look forward to seeing many of my former crews and current blog followers. Please come on down after my talks and update me on your paddling adventures. It is an honor to be asked to return and speak again this year. I will be flying in from Aspen. Continue reading