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Rob runs his store from his expeditions:


“If you are thinking about ordering books or the Inuit pendants from my website (and I hope you are) it is important to understand a few things. Although my home base is Minnesota, as you know I am a wilderness guide and world traveler. I keep my commercial guided expedition prices low because I do not have a staff, I do everything myself, including fulfilling orders for books and merchandise. That means if I happen to be on a two-week arctic expedition and your order arrives on the first day of that expedition you may not receive your order for a few weeks. Although North Americans have become accustomed to a rapid fulfillment of mail orders, follows the beat of a different drum. If you are old enough to remember ordering a toy from the back of a Cheerios box, you will remember their caveat of 6-8 weeks for delivery. It added to the excitement to the eventual delivery, maybe. Anyway, sometimes I can fulfill your orders immediately and almost always I should be able to beat the Cheerios timeline, but I just want you to be aware.”

“I have a large stock of Daughter, Father, Canoe and River Stories in Minneapolis and I will also carry a box full with me in my van. I should be able to get signed copies of these out to you quite quickly.”

“My newest book Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot has just recently been released by the publisher; official date is April 1, 2018. It is currently available in both hardcover and paperback. I have to order this book from the publisher when someone orders one from me. The fastest way for you to get this new book is for you to order it directly from the publisher (link available below in the ordering section of this page). However, if you want a signed copy go ahead and order from me, but it may take quite a bit longer.”

Shipping. You don’t need to read this if your shipping address is in the United States. However, if yours is an international order, please read this. I don’t understand it, but I can order a box of finger puppets from China for my school seminars and pay $3 in shipping, I mail one book to Canada, and the shipping is over $20. For international orders including Canada, please e-mail me before ordering. In the past, I have been shipping Daughter, Father, Canoe and River Stories to Canada without an extra charge but I cannot continue to do that. With my new book, Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot, my margin is so thin I cannot possibly absorb the shipping. As you may know, I wrote this book out of my love for Merlyn Carter and out of a feeling of necessity that his story be recorded. It is an important part of Canadian far north history. I doubt I will even break even on the “Merlyn Project,” but I certainly cannot afford to subsidize shipping. If you want a signed copy ordered directly from me and it’s an international order, e-mail me first and to get a postage estimate. Or order the book, Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot directly from the publisher (see below) and catch me someday on a wild river with pen and book in your hand. I would be happy to sign it.”

Thanks Rob


please email Rob for shipping, pricing and mailing instructions:


To order from Rob and pay with PayPal (you do NOT need to create an account to use PayPal)

Daughter Father Canoe,
Autographed by Rob Kesselring

Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot - paperback,
Autographed by Rob Kesselring

Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot – Hardcover,
Autographed by Rob Kesselring

River Stories
This book is no longer in print
It is available through Amazon on Kindle, and sometimes used in paperback

Inuit Hunter sterling silver pendant

Inuit Shaman sterling silver pendant

Inuit Mother with Amaut sterling
silver pendant

To order from Rob and pay by check

Send cash or a check to address below and the book(s) or pendant(s) will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

Rob Kesselring
Box 1313
Lakeville, Minnesota
55044 USA


To Order Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot directly from the publisher

Click the BookLocker logo to go directly to Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot purchase page

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