I am back

Okay, I screwed up again. I have not followed through with my blog nor kept my web page up to date. My excuse? 2012 was a huge paddling year for me. The Big Thicket in Texas, Caddoo Lake in Texas, Jacks Fork and the Current River in Missouri, the Buffalo River in Arkansas. Five trips in the BWCA, A week on Lake of the Woods. the Wisconsin  Freestyle Symposium, kayaking Vancouver Island. Plus, hiking in the North Cascades and SCUBA diving in the Cayman Islands. And, my daughter Mari is getting married, and Zoe is still in University, and Greta is living in our basement. AND my “real” job is still helping build leadership in schools, corporations and organizations. The blog was always on the “to do” list and always pushed down on the list by something more urgent or more fun. I pledge to do better in 2013.

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