The Center of the Universe

Beginning three weeks at Nonacho Lake 62 degrees north latitude, 190 miles from the nearest road, and at the absolute center of the Universe. Nothing beats wandering in the wilderness. Saw some musk ox yesterday and have caught many Lake Trout. Myles Carter is spearheading an effort to upgrade the camp. Nonacho lake Adventures now includes hot showers, 20 hp out-boards, Lund boats, electricity, refrigerators, modern cabins, even wifi… Quite a change from 43 years ago. And the lake is as beautiful as ever and the fishing still beyond belief. I love the hiking on the sandy esker where I built my cabin 43 years ago. It stretches for several miles and virtually untracked by humans. What can beat the joy of discovery?

My newest book, Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot is garnering some wonderful feedback. I am going to do a reading at the Hay River Library before I head south. I look forward to reconnecting with lots of old friends and the friends and family of Merlyn Carter. It has been difficult, time consuming and expensive for Canadians to get their hands on the book. The publisher has now released a paperback and an e-book version. It should be easier now to obtain a copy direct from or by order from local bookstores anywhere in the world.

Retired educator and school administrator Steve Staton has begun a project to get the book in every library and high school in the North. If you would like to support this effort please connect with Steve at

Photos of Joe McBryan fueling his Norseman in Yellowknife, my cabin 43 years later, the Carter Camp, and the Merlyn Carter Memorial on a hilltop overlooking the lake and me by my old cabin.

Comments about Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot:

“Outstanding job! this is my favorite wilderness book, I have ever read.”  ~Rich Kelly

“Through your eyes and pen, I was able to appreciate the lifestyle of Merlyn Carter, a legend in his own lifetime. Indeed a true frontier, you brought to life Canada’s Northwest Territories to one who was not familiar with the challenges and joy of living in this area of the world. Your book touched my heart in many ways, eliciting both laughter and moist eyes. Indeed Mr. Carter was a great individual who helped craft the history of the northwest. Thank you for bringing him to life and sharing a glimpse of living the dream of a bush pilot.” ~ Jack McKenzie

“It’s a wonderful page-turner of a book – and not just about Merlyn’s great life and tragic end, but also about your own life of incredible adventure.”  ~Tom Koshiol

“Outstanding. Thought-provoking. Brutally honest. Funny. Sad. Great experience. Great lives through out. Thank you.”  ~Dale Mills

“I finished your books and greatly enjoyed them. You’re a good writer with plenty of insight into both being in the woods and life generally. ”  ~Bob McCloughan

“I enjoyed your book very much”  ~Chuck Davidge

“Merlyn Carter – Great story”  ~Steve Macejkovic

“Merlyn Carter Bush Pilot is more than just a true-life story of one of Canada’s most famous bush pilots. It is a deeply moving, historical account of a bygone time when bush planes ruled the skies of northern Canada. A riveting read; it is by far, Kesselring’s finest work.”  ~Cliff Jacobson, outdoor writer and author of 14 bestselling books

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