Astounding Bushcraft/Paddling Seminar this Year

The sixth annual Bushcraft and Paddling BWCA Seminar/Trip is over and it was a great experience. You never know what you are going to get from the northern sky in October. This year the first six days were August-like: warm, calm, bugless and clear. We even went swimming a couple days. A wee bit of snow and wind came the final day so we set up the “hot” tent and fired up the wood stove, but more for fun than necessity. The crew also had the opportunity to safely practice paddling in wind and waves.

I have never seen the water so high in the BWCA in October which enabled us to dodge a couple portages with some whitewater paddling and to view robust waterfalls framed in peak autumn colors.

No moose this time, but great views of five mink, an otter and a couple dozen swans.

There was one afternoon when we camped on a granite bluff overlooking Lac La Croix that the forest, sky and lake were so beautiful that I cannot imagine a more perfect spot anywhere in the world (and I’ve been around). We all have an obligation to keep this magical landscape wild and fresh for our children, their children and their children’s children. Even more than that, it’s a gift that should be cherished and cared for, just because.

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