Rio Grande Lower Canyon February 2017

You are invited to be on the crew of one of three canoe expeditions through the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande. Each run downriver is almost 100 miles long and spans 8 days and 7 nights, traveling every day and passing through spectacular canyons some over 1500 feet high…warm, sunny, gentle rapids, hot springs, unusual birds, desert wilderness solitude, safe, camping, archeology, mesquite campfires, slot canyon side hikes and the zodiacal cloud.

You can choose between three trips: February,  Feb 6- Feb 13, Feb 17-24, Feb 28-March 7.  These trips are fully insured and licensed by the National Park Service. Be warned an expedition with me is not a typical “guided trip”. We will make group decisions togethr and share in camp chores. We take a Minnesota approach, we don’t “float”, we paddle, and we don’t bring tables, coolers of beer and all the comforts of home. We embrace not barricade ourselves from wild nature. This journey is an expedition not a vacation.

Shuttles, permits, pvt access fees, deluxe tents, wholesome meals, comfortable canoes and all group gear is all included in the fee. Participants need only bring sleeping bags, personal gear and clothing. For almost a half-decade my crews have universally loved this journey.

The complete fee for these expeditions is $2295 person. No added taxes or anything, I hate that when I go on a guided trip. The fee is a bargain and people have shared that it would be hard to match this fee on a self-guided Lower Canyon attempt. Don’t confuse this expedition with Big Bend tourists’ trips or even Lower Canyon outfitted trips, these are nothing like mine. I limit the size of these crews to a maximum of ten, because small groups move faster and have a lighter impact on the land. I know the river and we paddle the entire stretch of the Lower Canyons.

It is unlikely I will paddle the Rio Grande in 2018. After this coming winter, and my 17th trip down the Rio Grande I may not paddle this magnificent river again. My advice, Join me this February.

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