Isle Royale National Park Canoe Trip

Here I am, standing on Ryan Island which is the largest island on Siskiwit Lake, which is the largest lake on Isle Royale, which is the largest island on Lake Superior, which is the largest lake on the “island” called North America.

Isle Royale National Park (interior lakes) is a fun canoe trip, long easy portages, great wild flowers, good animal sightings – 3 moose, many beaver, otters, turtles laying eggs, swans, loons, eagles.

But I will not be leading guided trips on this island. In NPS style, like Channel Islands and the Everglades, camping is grouped in small, congested sites. So here you are lying in a tent in the middle of nowhere listening to someone burping 12 feet away. I promise my crews a wilderness experience. Part of that experience is basking in the hushed sounds of the wilderness. On Isle Royale, I cannot guarantee that. Fortunately for me on two nights we had the entire camping area to ourselves. But just barely, with groups departing as we arrived, and arriving as we departed. Too much of a crapshoot but I do recommend you visit when you have the opportunity. You will see moose. 1800 moose live there and two wolves, amazingly we did come upon fresh wolf sign twice. The NPS is bringing in more wolves soon which is a good idea as the moose are eating the island up, in fact, the wolves should have been brought over sooner. I know it’s an oxymoron, but in these rapidly changing times, expeditious, managed wilderness is necessary.

Rob Kesselring
Guide Service Anywhere


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